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Ah - Richie Ryan! Where to begin? He's egotistical, street-smart, and thinks... well, not with his head. But what else could you expect from Richie? Taken off the streets by Duncan and Tessa after he tried to rob the antique store, Richie was eventually killed along with Tessa after rescuing her from a kidnapper. However, Richie got better, and as an Immortal trained with Duncan and finally moved out into his own apartment. He's traveled around quite a bit, and was on the French professional motorcycle racing team. Although he's still confused sometimes, Mac's skilled and patience teaching has helped Richie come a long way from the street kid he once was to the Immortal that he is now. So there you have it - Richie Ryan in a nutshell.There is still the mystery of the blue shirt, though...
On the wonders of the chilidog...
Richie would rather not lose his head for petty theft
These guys are out there
Tessa thinks Richie would make a great congressman
Duncan will write Richie in jail
On Richie's really bad French accent
He'll be right back
A pic of Richie's bike

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