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By JinxoLAL:
Methos Duncan Blair Jim

By JenX:
Richie Amanda Duncan Tessa Jim & Blair

Click here to see Jen X's and my rendition of Jim's Loft ;)

And this handy-dandy little notecard I picked up at the warehouse sale...

Here's a song I wrote about Richie. Um... it didn't happen.

"One Less"
Here's the words: Lyrics
Here's the midi (done by JenX - thanks!!): MIDI

I'm sorry, but I found this in the newspaper and it was too funny! I wonder who he's leading... maybe the Golden Fire People? In any case, just who could we get to follow Blair?

Well, here's another one! Is this what happens when Jim moves to Florida?

And here's a banner JenX did for Tessa.... she doesn't have a page yet, but if she gets one, it's goin' up!

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