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By JinxoLAL

Futile hope, random stuff:

How would you draw that?

Like some nebula flaring out into space -

Diffuse and delicate, unable to touch.

Like Time -

I need to find Time

But it's only been a day.

Trivial little things that won't mean a thing next year -

Next lifetime, or the lifetimes to come.

But they mean so much for the next coming week -

Irrelevant and superficial, flowing and moving on

These people, they go

Not realizing how little Time gives them

To see, to feel, to hear and taste and touch.

I need to find Time

But it's only been a day.

They don't know me; they won't remember me

No one will care that I was here.

I move among them, a shadow in the mist,

The identity I am, changing like the stardust

That shaped and forged this world eons ago.

Eons ago - has it been that long?

Yet it slams me in the face with my own mortality

Each Saturday, when There Can Be Only One.

So I need to find Time

But it's only been a day.

Chivalry's on tonight

But I can still delude myself, can't I?

Chivalry is dead -

Another Scully weird faith thing.

The years go by,

But it seemed so different from the dirt mound we dug

Before they could remember;

Before they were born.

And I need to find Time

But it's only been a day.

I thought I heard voices

But they went to get candles.

Trying to get in and beat us to death.

Distracted and distant

I almost laughed, I know

I've passed my limit

And I need to find Time

Still, it's only been a day.

But the days can add up,

And I'm still searching for Time;

I can't find a trace

With this sword in my hand.

To the moon and back

Like some crazy space race -

Four times in a row

In the back seat.

I've lost what I found

In only one day.

But we're none of us perfect;

And of course, if it were true

I'd never admit it.

But it's Tuesday,

And the world is safe from me onTuesdays.

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