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The oldest man alive, Methos - masquerading as mild-mannered grad student Adam Pierson - joined the Watchers 10 years ago to get himself assigned to the Methos Chronicles. Now he "researches" himself, carrying out a brilliant plot to keep the Watchers from finding him! Is he not awesome? Never one to look for a fight, this 5,000 year-old man is not what you'd expect him to be, and sometimes he even surprises himself. He once rode as one of the Four Horsemen, rampaging across Europe centuries ago and revelling in the carnage they left behind. When the Horsemen reunited, however, his aquaintance with Mac had changed him enough to eventually refuse them and bring the other three down. He acts self-centered and claims he trusts only himself to stay alive, but it's obvious that that is no longer true. There is a certain chivalry, a certain almost childlike quality, and finally a certain mysery about this man that makes him the remarkably intriguing and enigmatic person that fascinates anyone who has the privilege to get to know him well enough.

Byron: "What do you want on your tombstone? 'He lived for centuries', or 'For centuries he was alive'?"
Methos: "You don't understand, I don't want a tombstone"

No guilt? Sure...
Don't you need a mind in the first place before you can lose it?
On Duncan's lack of matcho-ness
My favorite! It's his chair now!
The way it is for mortals
Immortals are part of history
How much Methos knows
Different times, different people
Living vs. dying
Wow - that's a lot of killing!
Who were you expecting?
Methos' favorite beverage!
Adam Pierson's answering machine

"Good morning!" the world’s oldest Immortal greeted me cheerily, saluting me with his half-drained bottle of beer. The first thought that entered my head was Methos??!! The second was Beer at this time of the morning??!!

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