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Joe Dawson, bartender and owner of Joe's Bar, is also a Watcher: "...part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record, but never interfere." He fought as a Marine in Vietnam and was saved by a "dead man" (an Immortal, of course), although he lost both his legs in a near-fatal encounter with a land mine. He was later approached to join the Watchers, and was assigned to Watch Duncan MacLeod in 1976. Although Immortals aren't supposed to know about the Watchers, Duncan found them out and has since befriended Joe, who remains as jovial and neutral as ever, despite accusations among the Watchers. He is originally from Chicago, and now lives in Seacouver and Paris for part of the year (in order to watch Mac). He loves the blues, and has been known to play some himself (very well, I might add).

Joe and Duncan should talk more often
Everybody goes to Joe for advice!
Now it's a piece of cake
A clip of Joe's blues playing

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