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The ever-rugged Detective James Ellison never wanted his Sentinel abilities, but now that he's had time to train and learn to use them, he wouldn't have it any other way. As a soldier, he was posted in the Peruvian Jungle, but when his unit's helcopter crashed he was left in the jungle for 18 months before a rescue was attempted. When he arrived back in the States, he left the armed forces to come back to Cascade, WA, and joined the Cascade PD as a detective in Major Crimes. Years later, he began having trouble with his senses, and was on the verge of insanity when he met Blair Sandburg, who coaxed him away from the edge and taught him to use his senses as the gift they were. And, well, he's had to put up with Sandburg ever since!;)
Blair is not a guppy! ;)
Jim telling the bad guys to let Blair go
I am... freezing!
You're it!
You're a dead man
Lots of police jargon

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