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Where There Can Be Only One...

Which I don't particularly agree with, of course. I mean, what's wrong with 5? Absolutely nothing! but anyway, disregarding all that, here are all the guys: Duncan, Richie, Methos, and Joe; who make it all happen. (And I suppose I could give other people credit too, like Connor and Amanda.) But like I warned you before, certain people have a tendency to spike the drinks...


Richie Ryan

Duncan MacLeod

Joe Dawson

Amanda Darieux

Connor MacLeod

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Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind

"This is good orange juice." he said as he drained the cup. I heard almost a choking sound from the corner and my head snapped around to Methos, who had been the source of the sound. He was smiling and trying to hide it as he looked at Richie and me. "What?!" Richie demanded, but the old man merely shook his head and tried to suppress any further noise. "Nothing. Nothing at all." This was obviously not the case, but after a moment it was obvious that he wasn’t going to tell us the reason for his reaction. Richie gave him an accusing look as he slowly poured himself another glass of juice and drank it.