1) The Joe and Methos Show
Methos, Joe, and Duncan are property of Davis-Panzer Productions.

2) Mashed Potatoes And Baked Yams
Duncan, Richie, and Tessa are similarly property of Davis-Panzer Productions.

3) A Welcome Distraction
Duncan and Richie are *still* the property of Davis-Panzer Productions.

4) Methos
Well... Methos belongs to Davis-Panzer, Scully belongs to Chris Carter, and I think that's it. I'll check later...

5) Jen's Wacky HL Poem
This one's even worse!! Um, Amanda, Nick :P, Richie, Joe, Duncan, and Methos belong to Davis-Panzer (what a surprise), and Marrow belongs to Marvel Comics.

6) The Wrong Wire
Amazingly, Richie, Joe, Duncan, and Methos belong to Davis-Panzer Productions.

7) The Return of Richie
Amanda, Nick, and Richie belong to Davis-Panzer. Felix Corleone belongs to Stellar Ice... I guess.

8) The Eternal Footman
Something new!! Death belongs to Neil Gaiman; otherwise, same old same old: Richie, Joe, Duncan, and Methos still belong to Davis-Panzer Productions.

Whew! All right, Back to the Watcher Archive

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