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Welcome to the Sandburg Zone, home of everyone's favorite anthropologist, Blair Sandburg! As an undergraduate student studying anthropology at Washington's Ranier University (conveniently located in Cascade), Blair stumbled upon the works of Richard Burton, a man who researched primitive cultures and made special note of "Sentinels," or tribe wathcmen and protectors with heightened senses. Much to the amusement of his colleagues, Blair pursued Burton's work in vain for years, until one day when he heard about the complaints of one Detective James Ellison. His curiosity piqued, Blair managed to (finally) talk Ellison into letting him write his doctoral thesis on what appeared to be this modern-day Sentinel, and assumed the customary role as "Guide" to his Sentinel, teaching him how to use his senses as they were meant to be used. As Jim's Guide, Blair has now become the Shaman of Cascade (a pretty big job, if you ask me!), balancing time between his job as a "police observer" and Jim's partner with teaching and research as a graduate student at Ranier University. He's a little weird, but basically just plain awesome!
Jim has the attention span of a gerbil!
Oh man, lizards do *not* belong there!
Jim=Joe Friday
On the subject of not sleeping...

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Black Dove - Tori Amos