The Wrong Wire

By StellarIce

"Ah-ha! I have you now. Prepare to surrender your head."

"Never MacLeod! I won't let you be the last one. I won't let you win!"

"There can be only one and it shall be me." With one swoosh of his sword, Duncan MacLeod takes his enemy's head, lifts his powers, and is the last immortal. Duncan MacLeod inherits the world…"

"Duncan. Duncan!"

Duncan blinks, startled from his reverie. "Huh?" he asks sitting up immediately in his seat as he scans the diner confused.

"Are you spacing out on me?" asked the voice with a disapproving tone.

"No. I was just…uh…thinking about…stuff," Duncan said sheepishly, turning a slight shade of pink.

"Good. Because the last thing I need is for you to be losing it."

Duncan rolled his eyes and pushed back his chair.

"Well, you know, after 400 years, it's probably normal to have some psychological problems such as mind wandering."

"Joe," Duncan said with apparent irritation in his voice as he approached the bar.

"Well, I'm just saying it could happen," Joe replied.

"Have you seen my coat?" Duncan asked preoccupied, searching the bar.

"Forgetfulness is another sign," Joe added.

Duncan shot an annoyed look at Joe. "I'm just a little tired, that's all. Besides, immortals don't go crazy."

"I beg to differ. Remember that immortal who lived in Germany back in the --"

"Joe, drop it!" With that, Duncan grabbed his coat (which was conveniently on the chair he had been sitting in earlier) and started to head for the door when suddenly, it swung open. As a figure stepped inside, Duncan stopped immediately in his tracks. His eyes widened in disbelief as in front of him stood a soaking wet and very angry Methos.


Methos stormed forward and Duncan started stepping backward to avoid him. As the bar restricted Duncan from going any further, Methos cornered him.

"You!" Methos yelled waving his finger in front of Duncan's face. "This is all your fault."

A smile started to form across Duncan's face as he tried to imagine how a wet Methos could be his fault.

"Don't you dare smile! This is NOT funny!"

"Ahem. I didn't know it was raining out Methos. You really should carry an umbrella with you next time," Joe chimed in.

"You! This is your fault too," Methos shot angrily at Joe.

"Me?" Joe asked innocently. "How could I have done anything?"

"You and your stupid car!" yelled Methos. "I should never have listened to either of you! I need to bring my car in for some tune-up work and Duncan says, 'Oh, I'm sure you could borrow my car while yours is in the shop.' So, I listen. Then, when my car goes in, Duncan says, 'Oh, sorry, but I need my car today. But I'm sure you could borrow Joe's car.' So I listen and I took that piece of crap on your condition that I fill up the gas tank and wash it before I return it."

"OK, so what? You mistook yourself for the car?" Joe asked humorously.

"No!" Methos exclaimed with anger. "I went to that automatic car wash down the street. I pull in and in the middle of the car wash, what happens? Your hunk of metal breaks down! So, I'm stuck in the car wash. I tried but it wouldn't start. So, I had to get out. In the middle of the car wash! I get totally soaked and your car is still in the car wash, rusting away to nothing I hope! All because I listened to you!"

"My car is still there? You mean, you just left it there?" Joe asked in amazed disbelief.

"What else was I supposed to do?"

"You should've stayed with it. My poor car!" Joe whined.

"Your poor car? That piece of crap?!"

"But that car means a lot to me. I can't believe you just left it!" Joe countered.

"Well, I did and if you want it, you'll have to go get it because I'm finished with it! And you owe me!"

"Owe you what?"

"I had to walk through the warm water in the car wash. Do you know what that means?!"

Methos received puzzled looks from both Duncan and Joe.

"My sweater!! My sweater is gonna shrink and it'll be ruined! And it's all your fault!"

"Just because you made my car break down in the middle of the car wash doesn't mean that --"

"I didn't make it break down! It's your rusted hunk of metal and --"

"But it never broke down before when I drove it! It must be you. You must've done something to it because it wasn't me or my car."

"Of course it was you and your car! It surely isn't my fault. How could I have done something?"

"Because you're a crazy zillion year old immortal who's losing it!" Joe shot back.

"Excuse me? You dare to insult me after…"

Duncan, after hearing enough, pushed his way past Methos to leave them to their bickering.

"Duncan. You can't just leave. This is your fault too!" Methos yelled back at him.

But Duncan just continued on. As he pushed his way through the doors, the cool afternoon air hit him while providing some relief from the stuffy, tense atmosphere of the diner he just left.

As he strolled across the parking lot, Duncan stopped in his tracks. A thought just came to his mind. Duncan thought back, remembering a couple months ago when he got mad at Joe. He had accused Joe of being too nosy in immortal affairs (even though it was his job to be) and to keep Joe from following him, Duncan had Richie sabotage Joe's car so he couldn't pursue. But of course, Richie messed it up and had cut the wrong wire and it didn't work. But thinking back, Duncan (somewhat knowledgeable about cars) realized what had happened. Instead of cutting the wire to keep the car from starting, Richie must've cut the wire next to it, which was the oil line. This means that the oil all this time must have leaked out and that's why Methos got stuck. At the realization that it was, in essence, his fault, a wide grin crept across his face as he continued to his car where he got in and drove off, leaving Methos and Joe to battle it out themselves.

The End

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